Thursday, 7 February 2013

And so it begins…. Chemo time!

First off, apologies for not posting for about 36 weeks. I just haven’t had the inclination, motivation or energy TBH. I had my appointment with the oncologist a little while ago and it was a lot to take in!
I’m having FEC-T and it’s quite toxic apparently especially the E (Epirubicin) bit. I won’t give you a science lesson as there’s heaps of info out there on the web especially here:
Apparently I WILL lose all my hair as well so it’s bye bye long hair:
 Hello crop (ick)
Lots of very nice people have said that it suits me and that it looks nice, but I can't see it myself - meh! Also no fringe to hide my wrinkles now! It's very unforgiving.
I’ve ordered some bandanas, scarfs and a turban from to stop me looking even more like a fatter, drag version of my brother. Thanks for pointing out the likeness Jakey :(
Anyway, today was the first dose and it’s not fun. I have really crappy veins apparently but luckily the Sister managed to get a line in straight away (but it hurt like buggery). I’m going to get some emla cream from Boots tomorrow!!! They use a weird machine to administer the drugs now – a sort of infusing drip and it kept playing up so I was only supposed to be there for few hours which was just over 3 in the end so I didn’t get home until after 7pm. Basically the Epirubicin has to go in at a really low pressure but the dressing was too tight on my cannula so it wasn’t going in and the machine kept shutting down. Eventually it started to work and then there was another 15 minutes to flush it through and then the other 2 drugs had to be administered. In between there was a hilarious loo incident as I was busting after several cups of tea but I couldn’t pull down my leggings with one hand so Col had to come in with me to assist me!!! Major embarrassment. Even after 10 years he’s never seen me on the loo!!! That’s not ever changing so I booted him out and struggled to get myself sorted one handed! There are some losses of intimacy that I’m not giving up and the toilet is sacrosanct!
I also have to have the district nurse come in to give me a bone marrow boosting injection every day for 7 days. I’d never heard about that previously! More research has now scared me off google forever, but apparently I’m going to have bone crushing agony: Yeay!!! More fun :)
I’ve taken my first lot of prescribed anti-nausea meds and also one of the optional extra ones as I’m starting to feel a little ick. Also drinking heaps of water so I don’t get irritated into going to the loo more than I already do. But then I figured if I’m drinking loads of water I’m going to go more anyway, so how will I know?
My vein is pretty sore so I’ve been using Just4Mums Nipple cream on it. The chemo nurses said not to use Arnica cream on it until approved by my oncologist and this stuff is just coconut oil, aloe vera and allantoin. I’m pretty sure if it’s safe for babies, then it’s probably safe for bruising.  My mum got this for me so I’m not sure where to buy it from yet, but if it works, then I’ll invest in more. I’m also stretching my hand to keep the vein flexible as some of the Macmillan forumites report the vein going hard and itchy(eep).

Nothing else beauty related as I’m not feeling very beautiful at the mo’: more sick, tired and fat!

I’ll try and update when I have more energy.



  1. OMG that bone marrow injection sounds crap Elise, but I would say you are right to stay off google, easier said than done I'm sure. Hope you can keep your pecker up during this hard battle hon xx

  2. Thanks Angela. Putting off going to bed as I'm a bit scared of the nightmares and what the new day brings. :(