Tuesday, 19 February 2013

First Chemo cycle done!

Well, that wasn’t so bad 8-). My vein still hurts from the cannula but I’m guessing from the state of my veins I’m going to end up getting a line fitted eventually anyway. Just wish they’d do it sooner than later before my vein gives out.

I used the anti-nausea meds for the dew days I had them prescribed for and then a few that they gave me to take as and when for another few days. Had to go back to get some antacids as my gut was so burny!!!! I also had to get some special mouth wash as I got a couple of mouth ulcers as well. I tried to nap as much as possible, but that’s not so easy when you have one near teenage boy and another one about to hit 18 who inhales the contents of the fried when he opens the door. So I’ve been relying on ready meals and frozen pizza delivered by Ocado. Both of them know how to nuke a meal and cook a pizza. I’ve been relying on that old standby: toast!  I have been eating heaps of fruit and drinking juices as well though, but sometimes hot toast is the only thing that works. Helped with morning sickness back in the day and it helps now as well J

I have to say thank you to a myriad of ladies from a Facebook group that I’m a member of – Battle of the boxes. I really hope I haven’t missed anyone off here:
Carrie and Gaynor J,  Jenny TW , Melissa K, Louise H, Suzanne L, Rebecca B,  Lesley B, Debbie C, Helen B, Margaret MD, Alison C, (Full Names protected) 

There will be little thank you’s going out this week and I’ve pm’d you for your address on FB, so don’t disappoint me.
I can’t list everything I got as I would be here for about a zillion blogs so here is a picture:

So thank you very much ladies, the parcel came on a day when I was feeling extremely low, I did cry when I read the note but the next day  I was almost 100% better so it worked!

Onto more blog-ey stuff and I’ve had a few freebies this week. First one from Viktor & Rolf :  I signed up to the Secret Service here http://www.secretservice.viktor-rolf.com/#/gb_GB/introh a code from the bottle of Flowerbomb that Col got me for Xmas and they sent me some shower gel and body lotion samples. It’s so lovely and smells gorgeous.

Next up needed a little expenditure and effort, The Sunday Telegraph(£2.00) had a coupon to fill in and then I collected this 30ml (£25) tube of Elemental Herbology from Space NK. I also had a fiver left on my loyalty card so I invested it in the Lipstick Queen Sinner Hot Rose (£18). My favourite brand ever as it is so moisturising and long lasting. I now have about 10 of these in different shades. I’ll have to do a blog on my LQ collection soon? They also threw in some sachets of cleansers when asked. I love SpaceNK, although I have heard some from bloggers that they can be a bit snotty at times. Maybe they’re just really nice at the Leamington Spa branch though? Col would say that’s because I send money there (cynical?) but they’re nice even when I’m just browsing and swatching.

Finally I got my Birchbox for February today and it is great! I managed to avoid all spoilers this month and I was really happily surprised when it arrived as it seems I finally have a good box.
Unlike Glossybox who have insisted on sending me stupid free perfume samples ever month after month after month(maybe I exaggerate but I hate perfume samples when I can go out and ask for them myself)

I got Nick Chavez Beverly Hills - Plump N'Thick Leave In Thickening Mist. Full size - 8fl Oz £13.90 Sample - 2fl Oz    £ 3.50
Vichy - Thermal Spa Water Full size 150ml - £7.00, Sample 50ml   £2.34
Korres - Guava Shower Gel Full size 250ml - £8 Sample - 50ml     £1.60
Gerda Spillmann - Bio Fond Cream Foundation in shade 05 £20.00 full size compact
Eboost - Daily Health Boosting Drink £20.99 for 20 – I can’t have this though in case it’s not chemo safe.  £1.10
Birchbox Branded Eyelash Curlers I already have my Shu Uemuras so just keep these for back ups. £10.00 apparently but no spare squidgy bits.

So £38 worth approx. this month J. And it will all get used.

My next Chemo day is Feb 28th and hopefully it’ll go well( as well as it can anyway).
Love Elise XX


  1. Good luck for the 28th Elise, hopefully you won't suffer from too much nausea.
    Angela xx

  2. good luck Elise, youre doing so well, and i know there must be the bad days, you deserved that surprise, im only sorry i was too late to find out about it!
    Leaving all my thoughts and hugs with you,

  3. I am nominating you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You can find out all about it and what you need to do right here...


  4. I'm so jealous of your haul! you totally deserve it :-)
    I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! :) Check out the details here http://beautyandtheboxes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/beautiful-blogger-award.html