Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Bank Holiday Break

Just a wee travel  trip report as the lovely fiancé surprised me, by whisking me away for a surprise 24 hour break.
He let me know on Friday that we were going away but not where, just that it was within a 60 mile radius. This was to be Zedward's first ever night alone in the house. He is 16 but still........  So bribes were arranged and list of friends allowed round issued. 

Much mystery ensued at various junctions on the motorway - are we going east or west? North or south. So I shut my eyes and had a nap instead so the surprise could be prolonged until we finally passed Cheltenham Ladies College as we were about to park.

Wheeeeeee! I love, love, love HdV. Big beds;
Big showers;

And huge baths;

Not to mention nice toiletries from Arran Aromatics etc;
And they have a cool Cigar shack outside so you  can nip out for a crafty smoke, complete with fire and candles;
Cheltenham would have been ok, if it wasn't for the unending Bank Holiday rain :( and the fact that all the shops in the nice Montpelier area were closed for BH. 
Dinner was delicious at Blanc Brasserie though (even if they didn't have Creme Brulee).

And then next day it was all over and we had to go home again - shame, at least house was relatively tidy and un-partied in. I felt my wrinkles de-creasing whilst we were there so this is sort of beauty related ;)



NOTD - New Monster Plates arrived

My new Bundle Monster Plates arrived today from Amazon - Yeay!!  So naturally I had to give them a go., I'm going to be more methodical with the new set and work my way through from 201 onwards.
My Konad varnishes still haven't arrived (bad E bay seller - smack hands) so I made do with a base coat of the new No.7 Ltd edition Sultry Sands and Revlon Matt Emerald City.

This is the chevron design - I really need to practise my rolling technique as I always seem to miss the top of my nails.

This is a sort of bamboo look and I really like this one. Goes really well with the colours, don't you think?
And here I just decided to try out the other designs.

My favourite again :)

I'll give some more colours a go next week with the next plate. Any suggestions for contrasting colours??  I already found out that Rimmel's Your Majesty doesn't stamp at all (hmmph)