Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Payday! Superdrug Mini Haul

Yeay - It's payday so off I went to SpaceNK to celebrate :( Bored, bored bored! Nothing new or exciting there caught my eye, so their loss and I headed of to spend considerably less in Superdrug instead.
Clockwise from Left - NYC Skin Matching Foundation in Medium £3.99, NYC Smooth Skin loose face Powder £2.99, Beauty UK 3D-FX Mascara(Black) £2.99, Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliner in Rich Mahogany £3.49 and Rimmel Nail Varnish in Your Majesty £2.99.

Plus I finally remembered to use my NUS Extra Card(very mature student) and got 10% off everything and 175 Superdrug points.

I saw the Rimmel Your Majesty here on Liloo's blog after hearing her chat on Twitter about it (@tsunimee)  I already had the Coconut crush from my gold ombre on and just popped it on top to have a quick look  - So now it's more a metallic ombre

'Scuse the sloppy cuticles but I've been wearing the nails a few days now and they need tidying up again.

The Beauty UK stuff looks really nice as well. I shall try the mascara and eyeliner in the next week. Here's the 3D brush;
And the eyeliner;

Lasts so long that I've been out potting tomatoes, given my hands and nails a good scrub AND it's still there!! Hope it comes off with remover or I'll be sporting mahogany eyes for a few days!

The NYC foundation and powder I got mainly because I've been using Bare Escentuals minerals for a year now and I really fancy a change back to traditional foundations. If I break out then I'll go back to BE. Nice creamy texture on the foundation;

It blends in so well that you can't see it;
Then I just plonked some powder on so you can see the fineness(is that a word?) of it.;

 Again, you  can barely see anything, no powdery skin or ashy effects;just a little smear of colour, if you look really, really hard.
So not a bad hour's browsing(yes - it takes me that long!) Even if I was being stalked by the Superdrug assistant, just in case I;
a) nicked something or
b) tested anything!
Aargh - I really hate Superdrug for this - why do they have testers out if they don't want you to use them?



  1. I find more stuff at Boots and Superdrug these days then I do at SpaceNK. It's hard to spend £35 on a cleanser when you can get an entire bag full of goodies instead! :D

  2. Yup, 1 tube of Strivectin versus a months worth of make up is a no brainer. Lol