Wednesday, 2 January 2013

NOTD 02/01/13 and a Lower Spending Resolution

First Nail post of the year :)

This is Rococo EmpoweRed that cost me £2.50 in the Space NK Sale here

These are normally £12 each so a nice little bargain. And then I just couldn't leave it alone so added some little black rhinestones across the accent nails. They're not that great, but I've left them as they took flipping ages to apply one at a time!

This actually looked great after 2 coats, but after an hour, I noticed nail wear across the top!!!So I added another coat and then wrapped the tips properly and also wrapped the Seche Vite  as well. It's now lasted much better. This is nearly the perfect red but I don't think I'll ever find it! There'll always be something red-der out there.

I've just ordered:  Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez as I'm going to try and get into perfume this year. There are so many sources of information out there though and it's baffling. I've joined  the basenotes forum for some assistance and ordered some perfume samples to get me started.   

I ordered the gourmand sample pack from Scents and sensibility here, and they are scrummy. I got Hilde Soliani 'CiocoRosissimo', Lostmarc'h 'Lann Ael', Soivohle 'Fig Amarette' and also Ginestet 'Botrytis'. Unfortunately  I haven't learned enough of the lingo to be able to describe them properly but apparently my favourite; the Hilde Soliano is; 'Damascus, Bulgarian and English rose, chocolate, grass, vanilla and woods'.   I can smell the roses, the chocolate and the vanilla but the grass and wood is beyond my nose at the minute

My NY resolution is to try a new perfume every week and try and cut back on the other spending; i.e. make-up, face and body stuff, as I have heaps and heaps of it, no handbags or shoes this year as I definitely have plenty of them as well!!! My thinking is that I've stopped smoking so that's saved me a few bob(couple of grand a year at least!) if I only buy make-up if I absolutely need it(if I run out of samples and testers) and use up all my little odds and sods around the house then I can afford a decent break with Col later this year (I can hear a cruise calling my name), once I've finished my BC treatment and before I return to work. Note I said 'try' perfumes, not necessarily buying them ;). I do want a Serge Lutens perfume for my birthday though - either the vanilla or rose as they are absolutely divine and hang around on me for ages.

I hope everyone out there has a lovely New Year, and that you got your heart's desire for Christmas.

Speak soon,



  1. Perfumes the A-Z guide is such a fab book! Lucky Scent is a great place to get perfume samples and they ship to the UK. Ditto Surrender to Chance. I love Serge Lutens Rose Majeste x

  2. I'll have a look at those, thanks