Tuesday, 20 November 2012

One thing after another!

Why am I writing my blog when I should be at work? Because I now have something wrong with my balance. I had a quick look on t'interweb and it looks likely that I have labyrinthitis. I don't know for sure, because when I rang the GP saying I couldn't walk properly and I had double vision, they offered me next Tuesday!!!!  Or alternatively I can ring up tomorrow and try for one of the emergency slots!!! Gee thanks so much. I'll try not to walk into traffic! 

Lovely Col gave me a lift home at lunchtime after I staggered down the stairs and tried not to bounce off too many students in the carpark.

That's what my head feels like!

Anyway, everything seems to have gone quiet on the BC front now. No appointments until I get radio-active isotopes injected into me for Sentinel Node mapping on the 4/12. Then my big op on the 5th(ugh!) I keep waking up, hoping that everything is a nightmare and it will all go away. I have put all my pretty bras in a bag to take to Oxfam to take advantage of the £5.00 off M& S voucher, as I don't want them filling up my drawer unnecessarily now. I will be able to wear pretty ones again but the sizes will be all wrong, and I want my other one reduced to match so hopefully I'll be a more sensible C cup when this is all done and dusted. 

My weekly mani has gone a bit wrong as well. I thought as I have so many glitters, I would try using PVA glue as a base coat as described here

China Glaze Dorothy Who? with a stamp from the new Bundle Monster plates and Konad Psyche Pink. They're supposed to be blue but they've turned green in the photo.

Only this morning, as I was struggling with my socks, they decided to start pinging off! 
Very neat, but NOT before work please!!!!!!  I managed to quickly re-do them (no stamping though) and got through to lunchtime before re-doing them all a few minutes ago. Hopefully they'll last a tad longer this time.

For the next update(if there's anything to update)I've decided to do a blog entry about me and my hair and why it's upsetting me to think about losing it, than actually losing my boob, complete with lots of 'me and my hair' picture through the years.

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