Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Smile through the tears

You know, a lot of crap is spouted by the ‘media’ about feral youth and uncaring youngsters etc., and whilst I am sure there are areas of inner cities that are terrorised by these groups, I am constantly unsurprised by just how caring and kind this much maligned section of society is. Since starting teaching in the 16+ sector, these teens (and up) have consistently brought me joy, happiness and pride. 

I have seen them starting as shy first years in their first week of induction, where they are thrown together with others who have nothing in common apart from their age and the subject they want (or are made to)  study. Then I’ve witnessed them blossoming away from the somewhat constricting typical school system. Some of them blossom a wee bit too much away from the discipline and have to be reined in slightly, but never stifled. Then the magic of the first summer holiday happens and they return somehow magically transformed into mature (mostly) young adults, ready to take their first steps into employment or onto higher education. I love being their UCAS referee as I get to read their personal statements which give me more insight into their dreams and aspirations. Then comes their joy at being offered that treasured (un)conditional offer or the offer of a trainee position, or an advanced apprenticeship. Then the realisation that they now have to really buckle down and get the rest of their work up to the desired level.

I know I’m probably on a soapbox now and I do tend to talk too much about ‘my’ students, but then I do have the luxury of being in a job I love, surrounded by amazing colleagues and these great kids(sorry; young adults) and  I was vindicated somewhat today by a really lovely gesture from one group of students

I’m giving up work on Friday, before I start the gruelling business of getting down to beating Terry the Tumour and I won’t see my 2nd years now, apart from the ones I’ve added to my social networks and I’ve been giving ‘farewell’ tutorials to them this week. Today I was surprised when I was presented with this little lot:

 They have conspired with other teachers and themselves to hold a collection and get the presents; apparently they were hidden in the staffroom under my nose at lunchtime, and I have to tell you, reading the card brought me so close to tears. I did succumb at home when I re-read it in private. So if any of 2B are reading this (probably not) then thank you so much; you’ve really made it all worth it!

Back to the medical stuff now( yawn); I had my pre-op assessment yesterday, where I was poked with needles again, wired up to ECGs, had my BMI done(I didn’t dare look) and my CO levels taken.  Apparently cutting down the fags is working as I’ve dropped from a level 4(in 2010) ‘highly addicted’, to a level 2; #’frequent smoker’. I get my nicotine replacement therapy on Friday and as of Saturday; I will be a non-smoker (gulp!). Then my consultant; the wonderful Lucie Jones, measured me up for my new implant and took my consent for the operation next week. It really feels real now and I’m glad I’ve had this time to adjust and say goodbye to my left boob as I know it. I’m going to lose a good third off the bottom of it and I’m going to have to wear a chicken fillet to make sure it’s even in a bra until I have the other one reduced to match sometime next year.  The silver lining though is that I can buy pretty bras without spending a fortune in Bravissimo as I’ll probably go down to a B or C cup from an unfeasibly heavy E cup.

I also lost 2 of my nails this week in a frenzy of Amazon Black Friday parcel unwrapping so have to have a major cut-down, which is probably a good thing as I won’t be spiking my scars with them!! 


I’m wearing 2 coats of Nails Inc. Portchester Square here and I think it suits the new shorter length?

Sorry for the long post. I’ll try to do a shorter one next time and then there’ll probably be a break when I have my op.

Elise XX

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