Tuesday, 7 August 2012

So where do most Bloggers get their products to review?

Surely not every single blogger buys all their products? We'd all be broke??? 

With this in mind and after joining a group on Facebook: Battle of the Boxes, who are assiduous at seeking out free samples, I decided to see who would send out free samples to review. 

I'm not doing this to just get freebies though. I will buy products if they suit me and if they are affordable. My wallet doesn't stretch to Creme de La Mer so I won't be cheeky enough to ask for samples from them(although it would be nice).

So far I have asked and had emails confirming I will get samples from:
Mac sent me a very generic email re-directing them to their customer switchboard so I may give them a call.

There is a kerfuffle currently going on, on the facebook group regarding Jo Malone samples as some people are receiving perfume samples but I and some others have met with a flat refusal and re-directed to their counters. If I had a counter near me then I would go there 8-¦

Anyway, as soon as I have received these samples I will review them on here :)

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  1. Great thing too do, I always buy stuff and end up not using it. Get a sample first and then you know you're not wasting your money.