Sunday, 12 August 2012

Philosophy? Is it a miracle?

Last week I posted that I had received some samples from Philosophy

I received:
  • Philosophy Miracle Worker: anti-ageing concentrate, miraculous anti ageing moisturiser & eye cream 
  • The micro delivery exfoliating facial wash 
  •  Keep the Peace super soothing moisturiser for redness and sensitivity 
  • Hope in a Jar. Original formula moisturiser for all skin types 
  • Purity. One step facial cleanser 
  • Amazing Grace. Shampoo, bath & shower gel. Body emulsion 
So this week I have been using them all and whilst there has not been a miracle, my skin is still smooth, calm and not overly oily.
I have been using the Miracle worker concentrate on my cheeks and forehead as I have the most discolouration, from the sun or age, in those areas. I've been avoiding my chin area as I have a propensity to spots if i put too much product there. The discolouration is still there, so maybe I need to use it longer than a week, but my pores have got a smidgen smaller, most noticeably on the right hand side? Maybe I've rubbed it in there better? I do have 2  x 3ml dispensers so I will continue to use this until it runs out.

The eyecream is really, really thick and I have had to be careful not to use too much; consequently one small sachet has lasted a week!. It is really soothing but make sure you don't get it too close to your eyes as it makes them really sting!
The anti-ageing moisturiser is really smooth and reamy and feels a little heavy for my skin so I have been using that at night and the Hope in a Jar during the day as it is a lot lighter.

I haven't used Keep the Peace moisturiser as I don't suffer from redness, but I will take it away on holiday in case I don't protect enough in the sun.

I have actually used Purity facial cleanser in the past and still have half a bottle in my travel bag as it is so handy top take away as an all in one solution, cleans my face and removes make-up without a trace at the end of the day without being drying. I have used the exfoliating facial wash in the morning as it really gives my skin a wake up and helps leave it smooth, soft and ready to be moisturised.

I also own Amazing Grace as it is another multi-use product. I can wash my hair with it, use it in the bath or as a shower gel. It does smell 'AMAZING' , and I like to layer this with the body lotion and a small roll on bottle of the perfume, that I think came in a gift set from QVC.It is a very 'clean' scent and I like to wear it to work as it's not too over-powering.

Where to buy and how much it'll cost you:
Miracle Worker Anti-ageing concentrate:  £52 for 30ml
Miracle Worker Anti-ageing moisturiser: £13 for 15ml or £46 for 60ml
Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing eye cream: £42 for 13.5ml

The microdelivery exfoliating wash: £22 for 240ml
Keep the Peace moisturiser: £36 for 60ml
Hope in a Jar moisturiser: £10 for 15ml or £34 for 60ml.
Purity made Simple Cleanser: £8 for 90ml, £17.50 for 240ml or £28.50 for 480ml

Amazing Grace range from £19-£44 

They also currently have a competition on their website here to win 1 of 5 fan favourite sets.

Contact list
Philosphy website:

Philosphy is one of my favourite beauty brands and I hope you will try it and love it too.

Bye, Elise


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