Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Beautylishious Bags

Beautylishious are run by Harriette & her husband. They are a very small operation unlike GlossyBox, Amarya or JolieBox. You don't have to subscribe, just pay £12 via PayPal when she announces the payment window is open on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Beautylishious.co.uk?ref=stream

I got December's as I've unsubbed from SheSaidBeauty and LuxBox now. 

I have received Ayuuri Rose Facial Toner (normally £3.95). I love the smell of this. I use rosewater all the time instead of toner and I like the products on this companies website. http://www.ayuuri.co.uk/

Then there is a small pot of BM bronzer. I may keep this as I don't wear this in the winter. Full size is £8.00 from http://www.bmbeauty.com/internal/product_info.cfm?summer_warmth

A really useful addition is the Vaseline Lip Therapy. £3.49 for the ltd edition Pink Bubbly. Someone will get this in their Xmas Stocking as I don't use petroleum based balm, but it does look so pretty!!

One item I will definitely use is the BarryM polish in Yellow Topaz!! :) There were two other variants; Lady in Red and Diamond Glitter. These are normally £2.99 at Boots.

Finally 2 little sachets in a wee baggie from Green People. Sachets are okaaaaay, I guess, but you don't get enough in them to really test the product out. But I do like the bag cos I can use it for presents ;)

A good bag for £12(inc postage) and its a nice way to try products from companies I've never heard off like Ayuuri.

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