Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Night Before New Boob

Sorry for the crappy title. I couldn't think of what else to call it??? Going in for 7.30am tomorrow. 7.30am???? Hope my surgeons fully awake, cos I won't be!!!!

I've had my first pre-op tablet - Ranitidine, to reduce stomach acids so I don't damage my lungs if I up-chuck under anaesthesia; lovely thought ;)

No pictures today as I'm not wearing make-up, had to take my polish off and I expect by this time in 12 hours I'll still be lying on a table in a tres chic bum exposing gown(or nothing if they're still working on me). 

I'm not actually that nervous about it, probably because all I want is a damned cigarette!!!! The inhalator things are ok. I really do not like the spray as it burns the inside of my mouth, but I still want a real one!! I caved and fired up my E-cigs as they only have nicotine in and they're a lot better. I know it's psychological, but seeing the smoke come out(even if it's only glycerol vapour) makes me feel better and the ones I have contain less nicotine that my 'official' inhalator. At least I'll be trapped on the ward until Friday so I can't keep thinking about running to the shop over the road.

I'm all packed and ready and just watching Big Bang Theory and then it's time to have my last proper bath for a while and stare at the ceiling through the water. Does anyone else do that, or is it just me? I have to keep my top half dry until all my stitches have melted or whatever it is that they do, so I'll just be sitting in water up to my hips  - no showers unless I swathe my top half in clingfilm, and doesn't that sound attractive?.

So that's it for now. God knows when my brain will work coherently enough to write another blog post, possibly next week sometime. And I'm not posting any pictures post-op as that would just gross everyone out, or just be too weird; as I know I have work colleagues reading this as well!

See you on the other side(no, not that other side).





  1. I hope its a smooth op and recovery is as well managed as possible for you. Take really good care and know there's lots of people thinking of you :)

  2. Hi my love, you should see all the beautiful comments on the Battle of the boxes group on Facebook. I hope your op went well and your recovery is really quick. Such a brave lady. We are all thinking of you. *Big hugs*, take care hunny x