Friday, 21 December 2012

Tired, but getting there!

Consultant check-up today and I’m still really none the wiser as to what my treatment is going to be next year. It looks very likely that I’ll have to have about 2 weeks’ worth of radiotherapy and maybe chemo as well but I have to wait until mid-January for a consult with the oncologist to go through the options. I do sort of want the chemo (bleurgh) just to make sure that they get it all so I don’t have to go through all this again!

I did get the pathology report though and it was interesting. I was somewhat relieved to find out that the surgery was worth it as I’d have been a wee bit peeved to find that I didn’t need the radical mastectomy. It turns out that I didn’t have one tumour, but THREE!!! They were Multi-centric, which means that they were in different quarters of the breast with one big 22 mm one and 2 little 10mm ones. Two of them were Ductal Carcinoma in Situ which is non-invasive, but one of them was an Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, which is rarer and it’s that one that will determine my treatment next year as it’s more aggressive. They were all classed as Grade 2 and at Stage 2. The cancer was completely removed with clear margins so the radiotherapy will be to clear up any odd cells that escaped into the skin or surrounding areas.  They only had to remove 2 lymph nodes which were completely clear of any cancer which is a huge relief as it means it’s less likely to spread throughout my body. The cancer was also positive for the hormone receptor which means I can have hormone therapy to reduce my oestrogen levels, throwing me into full blown menopause as I’m still peri-menopausal at the moment. So that’s the educational bit!

Next visit to the breast clinic will be January 3rd to discuss filling up my implant to expand it (Eeeep!) The pump thingy is under my armpit and they inject saline through my skin into it to fill up the implant and I have to have a bit at a time to get a natural ‘droop’. If I leave it too long though, my implant might encapsulate and not be able to be inflated. Hopefully I’ll get a date for the oncologist then as well.

I also had my work Xmas lunch which was nice although I did have to avoid some of the more vigorous hugs as my back and shoulder are still really sore. I’ve been getting out and about as well, going into town to get last minute Christmas things, which is a complete nightmare! I’ve been taking my walking stick as it sort of warns people off and means I can actually get a seat on the bus!  I also got the first of my bras with pockets, which is nice as it has a lace fichu across the top to cover me up slightly. 
 Excuse the tired baggy eyes: still finding it hard to sleep! 

Scar is still really sore, which is weird as the actual skin over my boob is totally numb still. My armpit is in total agony though where they cut the nerves to get to my lymph nodes. I’m using Linden Voss Triple Strength deodorant as it lasts for a few days, to avoid the pain of applying it.  I also had the last waterproof dressing taken off and had the luxury of a bath, which was actually quite scary as I don’t have the strength in my chest to pull myself up and out.  I had to roll onto my knees and then stand up to step out. It was nice being able to give myself a good scrub all over without standing on a towel and using a flannel!!!  I also managed to get my hair washed this week as well, which was so nice. So it’s been an exciting week of firsts and hopefully I’ll be able to take normal things for granted again soon. (Like putting on a bra without having to contort myself).

Christmas Nails this week are Colour Club’s Put a Pin in it with Barry M Jewel Britannia in a glitter gradient.

That's it now until after Christmas. Hope you have a good one and a great New Year!!!

Byeee, Elise



  1. Hugs lovely hope you have the best christmas you can and you well and truly spoilt. My godmother was diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this year, she had surgery but unfortunately it came back in her neck on the opposite side. She's had more surgery but she's been told they can't cure it this time they can only control it, so she will be starting palliative radiotherapy on 27th of December for a month :( It's a horrid illness no matter where it strikes. Lots of love and luck with your fight x I think your incredibly brave and inspirational to post so honestly xxx

  2. Thank you Louise. Had a good Christmas so far. God bless your grandma, my grandad had throat cancer but he held it off for over 10 years.

    I hope you've had a nice time with your family.