Friday, 14 December 2012

I'm free! (for now)

No tubes, wires or unnecessary attachments visible, now. I went back to the Breast Clinic for about the 3rd time this week and finally had the last drain removed. I’d been draining about 70-100mls of stuff (blood and lymphy stuff) per day and they like it to drop to about 30 mls before they take it out and finally last night it dropped to about 35mls – phew – or I’d have been back on antibiotics and stuck with the drain until Monday. It is a real drag having pipes attached and having to carry around a little baggie to make sure you don’t drop it all and pull it all out (blech).

The pain under my left armpit is going away and apparently that’s where I had the 2 lymph nodes removed. Only 2 out of 47 – I can’t imagine what the pain would be like, if I’d had them all out!!!! The skin is really tender and I’m finding it really tough doing the physio exercises. If anyone had told me that putting my hand on a wall and stretching it up would cause me immense pain, I’d have laughed at them! But I’m persisting – All 8 exercises 3 times a day with 7-10 reps – ouchy!!! And they take forever! I’ve just ordered the DVD from the website as the leaflet is starting to get a bit tatty already. If anyone wants to read up or dontate then the website is here:

I’ve also spent the last 2 days back at home, so that Colin can concentrate on work more and get on from under his feet. It seems weird being back at home, especially as Zedward has more or less had the run of the place with his girlfriend for the last week. I did have to vacuum and clean the loo, but otherwise it was remarkably clean. (Probably because Colin spent last Wednesday turfing it all out as well). I’ve also cleaned out my inbox and 700 emails later, it is empty ;) No real post to speak of, apart from cards and a lovely plant from work. I absolutely have to go shopping next week though as I haven’t bought my Xmas cards and wrapping stuff yet. Something I put off and now it’s nearly too late.  I am really feeling the Scrooge this year as I just cannot be bothered with the whole Christmas malarkey! Mum and Dad are off to NZ this year so we’re seeing them next weekend; Zedward is working right through, apart from the day itself and Buttieboy is off to his Dad’s on Christmas Eve. So Col and I are looking to go out on the day itself, rather than cook and stay in all day.

What else have I been doing, apart from going nuts? A lot of competitions!!!! Those who know me well, know about my fondness for winning things! And this time of year there are about a million and one advent competitions!  I think my RSI is back with a vengeance due to all the entries I’ve made. I have won a few already as well :)

I’ve also finally done my nails – a whole week of bare nails was sending me a bit mental as well. I really don’t know what I’m going to do for the next few months if I have to have intense chemo. I don’t really do well with nothing to do. Someone suggest some sensible hobbies (no piping up about cleaning; Mr Chapman!) please? I do have a mandolin that’s crying out to be learned how to be played but that’s not appealing right now especially with my left arm giving me gyp.

BarryM Gelly in Satsuma with Boots 17 Nail Xtras Crackle. Sally Hanson Hidden Treasures Top Coat.   Quite Christmassy??? (Pre-cleanup - sorry about messy cuticles)

Got my appointment on Thursday to find out results of the biopsy on my lopped off booby so I’ll know then what’s coming up over the next few months. I also have my works Xmas lunch so I can catch up with a fortnight’s worth of gossip.

Speak soon, Elise

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