Tuesday, 11 December 2012

OMG! It hurts! (D' uh)

First week ordeal nearly over!
I won't lie. It bloody hurts!!!! Then when you get up the next morning, it hurts again. The only time it doesn't hurt is when you are so exhausted by the pain, you eventually sleep for a few hours.

But I digress. I'll give you a brief synopsis of my past week in hell. As you may remember, I had to be there at stupid O'clock on Wednesday. I think there was a member of admin missing as it seemed a bit chaotic. I had a student nurse come and do paperwork with me, then the usual bp, temp, pulse bits. Then my consultant came to scribble on me. I seem to remember Col vanishing at this point. My memory is a little fuzzy cos of the anaesthetic. I had a lovely senior anaesthetist come to talk to me and we did more paperwork, then I finally got changed and the anaesthetist registrar walked me to theatre. I said goodbye to Col at the door and then they prepped me for surgery. Apparently I'm not supposed to remember sitting on the bed while they wired me up and chatted whilst they stuck that blasted cannula in my hand, but I do; so ha!!!

Then thankfully I don't remember anything until about 3 pm. Due to being invaded by Norovirus, there was no visiting until 6 pm. We hadn't planned for that!!! I can't remember much about the visit from Col, apart from him bringing me new slippers. Much of the next 24 hours is a blur of half-sleep, pain and measuring my bloody bp! It was so flipping noisy as well! Trolleys, beds, doors banging! Hospitals must be the worst places to sleep in the world! The next day was a little better. The surgeon came to visit and she prescribed me a sleeping pill (Yeay!), Then the anaesthetist and I got morphine (double yeay!!) I'd been on paracetamol & ibuprofen until then :@ I also had 2 drains stuck in me >\

I was stuck there for another night but thankfully the pill worked. A note about the nursing staff. Most of them were excellent as you'd expect but I did have to ask one if she could wash her hands as she'd just been with another patient. I did feel bad but I can't risk infections now. And I had to wear stewpid thrombosis socks and have the scratchy anti- clotting injection in my stomach (:@) every night!! Sue, my breast care nurse came to see me before I was discharged to hsave a look & fit me with a softie; which is like a toy boob that you can join in to make your chest look even. I need it!  My new boob is tiny and tight and perky! Unfortunately my remaining one isn't :(  So I have to wear the softie to make  them look the same. I can't remember much of Friday and  getting back to Col' s, it's all a blur again. Time tends to blur after a long anaesthetic. I seem to to remember ringing my gp and asking for morphine. I got codeine which is ok but it bungs you up so eat your veg!

Anyway I'm in the bed & Col' s on the sofa. I'm too scared of getting my drains caught to sleep in the same place at the mo. I've had one taken out but have to wait until Wednesday for the next one to go.

Thanks for the kind words, on here, FACEBOOK, Twitter, texts and calls. They are all appreciated. 

Elise  XxX


  1. Hope you're healing well, lots of gentle hugs!
    Take care xx

  2. I'm no stranger to operations and fully sympathise with you. Except the morphine, where I'm actually pretty jealous ;) I'm glad things sound a little easier now, it will become more and more comfortable every day xx

    Beverly Stacey
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  3. Oh, I'm so sorry you've been in so much pain. I hope you feel better very soon!