Monday, 23 May 2011

Boots 17 - All chic'ed up (plus a mini-rant)

I'm really liking the packaging of the Boots  17 range now. Very Vintage!

I got a voucher out of the Boots machine for a free Hide & Chic eye concealer with any product from the 17 range and I've been looking for a very nude lipliner, so for £2.59 I managed to get a lipliner and a concealer - brill value!
 This colour is called Fawn and it's a really pale nude, just right to go outside your lipline to give a good pout effect.
 Lovely and soft as well, so no dragging, even though it's a regular pencil, not a twisty up one.
This is with the Gosh lippie in Tropical Pink I blogged about the other day.
The free concealer is quite nice as well
Until I opened the cap - messy!!!!
Nice coverage though a little pale for me - most concealers are as I am very tanned at the mo'.
Blends in well;
And here's a before shot - Urgh wrinkles!

And after:

For some reason my photo has reversed my eye - weird!! 
As you can see, it doesn't blend so well on my eye - real streak going on as it dried too quickly before I could get any blending going on!! (But at last my eyebrows look neat.)

The mascara is the NYC Showtime Volumising Mascara (£1.99)I bought from Superdrug the other day. A very nice everyday mascara - nothing hugely wonderful, but it'll do for work and shopping. 

I need some input for a real show-stopper as all the ones advertised look great until you see the small-print - filmed with lash inserts - Grrrrrrrr! (that was the mini-rant)

The uploader also keeps turning my photos upside down, which is a real pain!


  1. I like Fawn too...lasts well for a budget lipliner and a good nude. My fave will always be Guerlain's nude liner but soooo spenny :(

  2. Yeah - until I win the lottery or get a super new job(well I have but can't make up my mind whether to take it) It's going to be budget all the way - LOL