Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Free Samples Haul from SpaRitual

I came home today to a lovely surprise parcel from SpaRitual today. I ordered a catalogue from them last week as I'd seen their nail products on another blogging site - so sorry but I can't remember who talked about it now!

They also included over 20 samples from their body range  - gasp!!! :D Obviously I haven't had a chance to try them yet, but I will report back as soon as I can.
Here are the goodies
I have (deep breath) 2 of each of the following:
Open Your Eyes Organic Bath Salts.
Look Inside Organic Bath Salts
Close your Eyes Organic Bath Salts
Affirming Scrub  Mask
Harmonising Soak Tonic
Infinitely Loving Oil
Instinctual Moisturising Lotion
Open-Minded Organic Sugar Scrub
Instinctual Organic Bath Salts
Open Your Eyes Organic Moisturising Lotion
Look Inside Organic Moisturising Lotion
Close your Eyes Organic Moisturising Lotion

All I can say is WOW!! Great service, just for requesting a catalogue. I don't have sensitive skin so I shall be trying these out over the next week with gay abandon. I'm still lusting over their nail colours though, especially these ones:
 This is the Truth Mini collection for £15.95. I love mini polishes cos you can try out the colours and if it's naff, or the coverage isn't great, it's no big loss.

I did have a go with my Monster Bundle plates last night - not good. I think I need to practise a LOT more. Not a good photo either - don't think the camera liked it either. I kept on the Purple Pleather and used plate 19 with NYC in City Blackout
I must redo them tomorrow night though as my cuticles need a real tidy up.

I won't blog for another couple of days as my workload is quite heavy and I have heaps of marking to get done this week - sigh.

Bye, bye


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