Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mini Haul from Superdrug - Rimmel Day2Night

I know I wasn't going to post until next week, but I decided to show you what else I got yesterday. Paid a visit to Superdrug to start using my new Beauty Card Managed to rack up 270 points in one go with the 10 points per pound start up promotion so not too shabby :)

I bought the new Rimmel Day2Night Mascara - a good idea in theory, but falls down in practise
They say:' Rimmel introduces Glam’Eyes Day-2-Night, our first mascara that creates two dramatically different lash looks with just one brush. The secret is the magic double cap! During the day, choose the Length Cap for ultra-long, gorgeously defined lashes – perfect for those flirtatious encounters by the photocopier. And for night time, choose the Volume Cap, and plump your lashes to up to 15 times their normal thickness, leaving them voluptuously lush-looking and ready to party.'

In practise the Length one works ok

 The Length wand (Top) is a tad too spindly and bends if you apply too much pressure so can sort of flick you in the eye! It does give you good length on your lashes though so it's worth persevering just for that
 Sorry about the photo - it was the end of the day and everything else had rubbed off, plus I just had my eyebrows threaded so they're all tufty, but you can see how long my eyelashes look, which is what counts?

The Volume brush just gets too clagged up and you just end up with a blotchy mess, unless you wipe it, which kind of defeats the object? I had to comb and comb and comb - you get the picture. Didn't really like using this brush as it was too much effort for the effect you get in the end.

This is what else I also got - I'll be swatching or decorating with the nails in the near future.
From Left:  NYC  in City Blackout and Pinstripe White, Rimmel 280 Sunshine, 053 Apricot Punch, and 260 Green Grass.

I got a set of Bundle Monster Plates from Amazon here 21 plates for £14.99 so will be trying these out this week with some designs to show you if I can get the hang of stamping - steep learning curves all around here ;)

Have a good week 

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