Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Not a great day, but it gets better......

Not too long a post today (I hope). I was at home as I felt so ill this morning – glands swollen, sore neck, achy head etc. etc. etc.
I got a delivery from Nails Inc of their lucky dip selection that they ran last weekend – 6 random varnishes for £15.00!!! And they are really nice, well the bottles are; I haven’t tried them out yet!
I got Culford Gardens, Blenheim Terrace, Villiers Street, Maple Street, Berkeley Square, and Garrick Street. I hope to be trying these out over the next few weeks.

I also did myself a new mani using the new Rimmel shades I got the other day. This is what they look with 3 coats on. They’re ok, nothing super amazing but they were on 3 for 2 at Superdrug and I was trying for the extra points offer on the new BeautyCard as well. I haven’t cleaned them up in this shot as I was then going to try for an effect I saw recently; using masking tape, but it all went a bit wrong as you can see.

Rimmel 280 Sunshine, 053 Apricot Punch, and 260 Green Grass.
 Basically I masked strips and then went over with OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees (At Chemist Direct currently for £7.09)  I think I should avoid doing my nails when I’m not feeling well as it makes me feel worse when I bodge it :(

They look a little like a 6 year old went mad on my nails!
And why do my fingers and thumbs look so wrinkly? Aaargh!

I also tried practising water-lining as I just can’t get the hang of it – I didn’t take photos because I’m still no good at, especially after I poked myself in the eye! My eyelids are just too ticklish – weird?

So not too good a day until just after lunchtime when I got a call about a job I'd interviewed for last week - I got it!!!! I said yes(obviously) but now I need to sit down and work out how feasible it is as it's 50 mins away on the bus which means hugely early mornings (bus at 7.45!!)

That's it for now - must get on with marking(really)!

Bye bye




  1. you got the same colours in the Nails Inc offer that I did gorgeous

  2. Except I dropped my Maple Street - glass + varnish= hellish mess!!! :(