Friday, 20 May 2011

I Need a New Camera!!!!

It's official my camera and iphone are just not up to taking photos for this blog. Every phot I've taken today has either come out blurred or strangely yellow! Aaargh! 
Nevertheless I shall do the best I can with what I've got :)

I did a wee shop at Superdrug today and bought a GOSH lippie(£6.49) in  Tropical Pink. This is a lively bright pink and it feels quite smooth when it's on. I've had it on a couple of hours now and it's still there(just) through several cups of coffee.
Sorry - this is the best of a bad bunch (photos) Or I could use the orange ones -LOL
I also got a MUA eye-liner (£1.00) in Shade 3 which is a nice gold/bronze but   you can see from the above piccy (just) - application is really hit and miss. It is a lovely colour but it's really thick and hard to spread along so you end up having to so little blobs, then play join the dots. I may save this for nail art.

Swatch -  GOSH Tropical Pink, MUA Eyeliner - Shade 3

BTW - I can't get the eyeliner off my hand - I'm going to leave it and see just how long it takes - even MAC eye remover hasn't budged it yet!

I also got NYC Showtime Volumising Mascara (£1.99). I can't show you this as I still have heaps of Rimmel on. but it looks like a good everyday brush

One for rushing around in the morning when I haven't got time to do mega lash combing - unlike the Rimmel Day2Night one.

Nice little mini haul for under a tenner :)



  1. That NYC mascara looks surprisingly good for £1.99!

  2. Let me know if you get a new camera, I'm thinking about getting one too. The one I have is okay but some things just don't photograph very well.

  3. The mascara is on special offer right now, so I couldn't resist it.