Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Hair!

I actually got round to getting my hair cut today and naturally it was raining by the time it was done – sigh. I went to Toni and Guy and for £45 it was a fairly decent job, although I have yet to go to a hairdresser who doesn’t wash half my face off in the process!
Just had a little trim but they did the usual ‘T & G crop my fringe too short’ thing, but my hair grows like a weed, so not too worried. I’ll have to curl it all again as the rain just made it all fall out so it looks a bit blehh.

I also took delivery of some jewellery I won in a NOTW Fabulous magazine competition, way back in February. It’s ok;  not my usual style(Pilgrim, Hultquist and Dansk Smykkekunst are) but I have my little brother’s wedding coming up in July and a little bling doesn’t go amiss at these sort of things, does it? I still have to get a hat, handbag and shoes as I now have dress, jewellery and shrug sorted out – Purple/blue theme going on  and I’ll make sure to get pictures when I’m all sorted out.

The pretties are made by Love and Lilly and are made from Rhodium plate and encrusted with beautiful crystals

Not a long blog tonight as I’ve just finished my marking so a tad weary.

Bye bye

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