Saturday, 28 May 2011

Head, shoulders, knees and toes - well almost

Sorry for the delay, I've had my parents round this week so not much time free for blogging, Plus it's nearly the end of term and heaps of marking to do!
First item is the gorgeous pair of earrings from Goldsmiths - can't put the price as they were a surprise from my lovely other half. No reason - he's just lovely like that :D

White gold and they have a twist going around that you can just about see in the picture, and they are so light without poking me in the neck when I sleep in them!

I also did a wavey french on my nails with Revlon's new scented varnishes, Beach which is a yellowy, gold green and smells -beachy? The other one was Ocean Breeze which is a deep turquoise and smells very synthetic - not nice:(

 I used a stencil to get the wave effect but my nails are so narrow that it just look a little crooked.
Once you add topcoat though (Seche Vite) you can barely smell them so unless you want them to chip, it's pretty pointless. Still pretty colours though, but you need a good 3 coats or you get VNL

I also had a pedicure at college this week. The only problem is that it's pretty obvious she was learning to do pedi's. I was there for a whole hour!!!! She did give good foot massage though even if my nails are a tad ragged though.
 I had them painted with OPI in Tickle my France-y, which is a very nude colour. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to let them dry so my big toe ended up smudged, so I've cropped it off here ;)

And finally, I got home to find a small package waiting for me., I think it was courtesy of Club Olay but not too sure as there was no paperwork in the jiffy bag.
 3 pairs of Olay Regenerist Eye derma-pods. 
They say: 'Olay eye derma-pods are a triple action anti-aging treatment for eyes. They put 3 benefits at your fingertips for radiant, dramatically younger looking eyes, plus they are so quick and easy to use: just squeeze to release product, apply with a tapping motion, massage into skin.
3 transforming results
  1. The gentle exfoliating pad helps regenerate surface cells, revealing younger looking skin.
  2. It fills lines and wrinkles, microspheres help fill wrinkles for a smoother look.
  3. It reduces puffiness: Massage removes excess under-eye fluids for a more comfortable, less puffy look.
Olay's 'skin mimicking' polybeads fill lines and wrinkles to create instantly visible improvements. With regular use, regenerist eye derma-pod with penta-peptide complex and moisturisers reduces the appearance of wrinkles for dramatically younger looking eyes. For best results, use 1 pod for both eyes; to be used 3 times a week.'

There were also 2 little tubes of Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum, of which they say:
'Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum immediately hydrates the skin to give it an instant lifted appearance. It has been clinically tested to give firmer-looking skin on the face, neck and décolletage in five days and after two weeks, helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles for younger-looking skin.'

And finally, 1 little tube of  Olay Regenerist 30 second wrinkle filler:
'Target areas of concern with Olay Regenerist 30 second wrinkle filler. The dual action formula utilises a fill and seal technology that combines a unique Olay formula containing Penta-Peptides, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 - along with a precision applicator, instantly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles on the brow, in the corners of the eye, and around the nose.'

Anyone know what Penta Peptides really are?

I shall be using these over the next week, or until they run out and I'll report back what difference they make, if any. Hopefully they'll last at least 7-10 days so  enough to make a noticeable change?

Does anyone else use the Olay Regenerist range or am I the only one old enough to need it?

Anyway, I'm away for the Bank Holiday but I'll report back on any beauty finds on my return.


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